Morristown Gun Club

Shooting Activities

The club has four trap houses. Three with automatic voice activated releases.

Straight Trap

Doubles Trap

Trap HouseSONY DSC
Two clays thrown simultaneously from a singe trap house.

Wobble Trap

SONY DSCWobble top
The only place in southern Minnesota equipped with a true wobble trap. This shooting station is a challenge to all shooters whether beginner or experienced. It will sharpen your shooting skills for the bird season or just make you a better shooter. The first clay is a single followed by two repeating pairs which are released in a variety of vertical and horizontal position.

Skeet Trap

Test your true skills by shooting skeet. The targets are launched from two “houses” in somewhat “sideways” paths that intersect in front of the shooter. A humbling experience.

A birds eye view of the entire range and clubhouse.